Engine Cooling before Spark Plug Change

Hello Everyone,

How long should I let my engine cool down before changing the spark plugs? I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma 4cyl 2.4l. My drive home from work is about 10 miles and I would like to change my plugs after work but I am not sure how long I should wait before working on the vehicle.

Thanks in advance.


I would wait until the engine is cold. That could take a couple of hours or more depending on the weather in your area. Trying to remove a hot or warm spark plug is just asking for trouble. If one snaps off during removal you will wish that you had waited.

Gotcha. Thanks. I may be better off waiting until this weekend in that case.

I also wait for the engine to be cooled off. Actually, I usually do mine first thing in the morning on a typical spring, summer, or fall day…and I don’t change them in weather below about 40F. My arthritis won’t let me anyway.

Thanks. First thing in the morning is not really a possibility for me but I can at least wait until it has been off for a long time.

Follow instructions in the manual. The instructions vary. Some are not to be removed when the engine is cold. You are probably OK if the engine is still at least a little warm. Google it and see if you have vehicle specific instructions. Sorry, googling doesn’t mention anything about warm or cold.