Engine clicking in 4cyl nissan frontier

when engine is cold it clicks for about a mile. 3000k and just had oil changed. still does it . any thoughts?

WOW…3 MILLION MILES…I assume you mean 300k miles???

At 300k miles the engine is probably a little tired. The hydraulic lifters are worn. It can go like this for years, so I wouldn’t worry about it for a while.

sorry, imeant3k.

At 3,000 miles, the engine should be covered by warranty. If not, take it to an independent shop. It shouldn’t tick at 3,000 or 30,0000 miles.

The solution is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

Take the truck back to the dealership, describe the symtoms, and request that they fix it under the terms of your warranty. If it is not fixed on the first try, bring it back again.

Also, read the details of the “Lemon Law” in your state, just in case the dealership doesn’t remedy the situation. If your state has such a law, it is good to know the details.

Incidentally, if you never read the terms of your various warranties (there are several), now would be a good time to read the fine print.

Grrr…no edit function!

I meant to say “symptoms”, not symtoms (sic).