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Engine check light

Have exhaust leak near engine manifold…DTC code # PO 133…Leak is emanating from flexible metal tubing…Can this cause engine check light to go on?

From what I’ve read, an exhaust leak can definitely cause this code to appear. Get some muffler tape from an auto parts store, wrap up the leak, have the code cleared and see if it comes back.

Yes, an exhaust leak can trigger this code, “oxygen sensor slow response.” Breathing automobile exhaust is a significant health hazard. I suggest you have the exhaust system repaired.

This is a 02 sensor slow response code,you should fix the exhaust leak reguardless,be aware 'slow response" can also be the fault of the 02 sensor its self.

You can pull the sensor and test response time with propane torch and multi meter.

Yes. A leak in the exhaust will cause this code. Here’s what you need to fix it.