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Engine Bolt failure Honda Accord

I’m curious. The engine bolt in my 2004 Honda Accord broke off (while driving). The dealer repaired the car at the time because it was under warranty. I think this is an unusual event but wonder if my mechanic could have caused.

You need to provide info about what bolt it is that broke and what system was affected by it.
The odds of a bolt breaking due to metallurgical failure are very small so that can point to someone having a hand in the failure.

+1 for @ok4450

+2 for ok4450.

First…What is an “engine bolt”???
Second, how old was the car at the time of breakage, and what types of work had the OP’s mechanic done on the car prior to the incident?

An 04 with current warranty? Maybe they fixed it 7 yrs ago and he is going by memory?

There are a lot of bolts in an engine. Bolts hold the engine together. Which bolt broke?

May be a typo… the belt broke, possibly?

First…What is an “engine bolt”???

That’s the thing the Engine Nut screws onto. Some doofus musta overtorqued it. Hard to get decent help these days.

Oh! THAT thing. That explains it!

That should appear on Jeopardy in the stupid answer category.

The bolt broke off the nut behind the wheel. Sorry just had to.

I’m wondering if the OP means the engine mount bolt. You know, that bolt that goes through the engine mount and holds the engine to the mount. If so, seems very unlikely the mechanic would have caused this, unless the mechanic had removed the bolt in that mount for some reason, for example to replace a timing belt or water pump. It may be possible to break that bolt if things don’t align properly and you bang on the bolt too hard, or drop the engine too abruptly.

The sparse amount of info the OP has provided, makes me wonder how much he/she knows about the cars. It might be one of those cares that “I filled up the car and then i didn’t start, so its gotta be the gas station’s fault”.

Since 2 days have passed since the OP has last been here, I think that we may never learn much more about The Mysterious Case of the Broken Engine Bolt.

Seems like the OP has gone away. Rocketman

This has troll written all over it. But, what the heck, trolls can be a lot of fun.

Yep, OP has left the building (for now), but this is kinda fun. I’m going to guess that OP had the timing belt changed on a V6 which required the crankshaft harmonic balancer bolt to be removed and that’s the bolt that broke. It was covered under warranty since it was the result of the mechanic over or under tightening this bolt.