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Engine Blown

I have a 2002 Mercury Sable that has thrown a rod "I think"and overheated. I now need to get rid of it but am not sure what to with a car with a blown engine. Any suggestions?


Call 2 Or 3 Auto Salvage Yards In Your Area. See How Much They’ll Pay For It. The Prices Vary. Some Will Include Pick-Up Service.

List it on the closest craigslist with full info about its condition. At the very least you’ll likely get offers from metal scrappers. Compare those to the salvage yards.

Or donate it to the CarTalk vehicle donation program. As far as I know all that is required is that the car is complete. It doesn’t need to run

If the rest of the car is in decent shape maybe call around for used engine replacement to get the full picture. Sable/Taurus is beyond common and hopefully you have the common engine option.

Don’t expect much.

Donate it to your local Public Radio/Television station.

Better yet your local firefighter training center where they can mock up an accident with airbags and all that good stuff, cut it up, burn it down…

How do you think you threw a rod? Thats usually pretty easy to identify by the gaping hole in the block or oil pan, coolant/oil everywhere.