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Engine block heater 2015 jeep wrangler

I just bought a 2015 jeep wrangler, v6, 3.6L, and am headed to North Dakota. Jeep does not make an OEM block heater yet for this engine. Does anyone have a recommendation for an after market heater for this vehicle? All my research seems to point toward an engine coolant heater being the best option. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Once you are in ND If a block heater can be put in, an indie, maybe even a dealer will know. Here in WI you ask about block heaters and most times get a quizzical stare in return. When I lived in ND getting a block heater was as easy as going to the store for eggs. A block heater is more efficient and more effective than a coolant heater.

Agree with @Barkydog here. I went through the same thing when moving from Ohio to Alaska. You will find any number of block heaters when you get to ND.

When I live din North Dakota I used a lower radiator hoes heater. It worked beautifully. Basically it’s just a coil that heats the coolant in the lower hose, and convection circulates the heated coolant naturally. However, as others have said, you should have no problem at all finding a block heater once you get there.

Do NOT make the mistake of using a heated dipstick. They don’t heat the coolant and thus do not promote circulation and distribution of the heat throughout the engine. They heat only a localized area of the oil and that’s it. You’ll need a lot more than that in ND.

A block heater and a lower rad hose heater are both coolant heaters, You may want to check with Chrysler Canada, many cars come standard with block heaters there.
{f you can find out the diameter of the “freeze” plugs on a 3.6 that is all you need to order a block heater.

In my recollection a hose fluid heater consumes 450 watts and is less effective than a block heater at 150 watts.

They make a myriad of block heaters.

All that needs to be done is measure the diameter of one of the frost plugs on the engine block, then go to a parts store and get a frost plug heater kit that fits that diameter.