Engine bearing "shells" vs "white metal"?

What is the difference? These terms were mentioned in a magazine article about a Model T that has been restored using “shells” rather than “white metal”.

White metal is a poured babbit material that is poured directly into the block using a fixture and machined after. Mostly lead and or tin, if I remember correctly.

Shells are the bearing inserts - upper and lower halves - that are snapped in place and used as-is.

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Thanks for the explanation. I’ve always thought engine bearing shells were tin-based, similar to white metal w/the resulting confusion. I didn’t know the original model t engine bearings were poured right into the place the crank shaft journals fit, using hot melted metal. If anyone is interested in seeing how that’s done, I found this vdo below. I didn’t watch the entire process, but got the gist of it from the first couple of minutes.