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Engine and Radiator Lights

I have a 1995 Saturn SC2, stick shift, 58,000 miles. Occasionally when I am driving, both the engine light and radiator lights start blinking on and off, the radio goes off and the wipers do not work. When I stop the car and start it again it stops. I don’t know if the lights are off then also. I was told by my mechanic that all of those are on different circuits and he is puzzled. Of course it doesn’t ever happen when I can conveniently drive to the mechanic’s shop. Otherwise this car drives very well except the AC just quit . . a broken pump I was told. Lots of miles left on this car but this problem is driving me crazy–I think my mechanical is skeptical.

My first step would be to check and clean all connectors in the wiring harness.

I would start making sure all the battery cables are making good connections.  Remember each cable has at least TWO ends.  On a car that old I would double check all the cable connections other than the actual battery connections.