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SO, my roommate failed her emissions due to a “manufacturer diagnostic code” and a “Coolant Thermostst (Coolant temp below thermostat regulating temp)”. Does anyone have some insight on this? Does she have to take it to the dealer to have it looked at?

It’s possible the thermostat needs replacing.

ID the vehicle for us.

Also, can you give us the actual code #s? (EG. PO123)

Not sure what you mean by ID the vehicle…
Its a 2001 Kia Sportage
The code #'s are PO13A & PO128

PO13A has a format problem. PO128 is a generic code,indeed related to temperature,did you warm the car up fully before test?

No, they told her to shut the car off and then they waited to test her car. Is this an easy fix? Can she do it herself?

The first thing she should do is to write her State Representative and have it rescind the emissions testing law that forces her to submit to these useless fishing expeditions called “emissions tests”…

The car is old enough to need a new thermostat.
This is an easy job for an independent shop. Skip the dealer.
Has the coolant ever been changed? Have that done too.

Was the check engine light coming on before the test? Then the car needed looking at anyway.

Nice thought, but too low on the food chain. State emissions protocols and requirements are negotiated with and approved by the EPA.

You have to start somewhere…I notice Massachusetts has gutted their emissions test program so the mom & pop shops can concentrate on the profitable but also useless safety inspection…

“the profitable but also useless safety inspection”

I guess you haven’t been rear-ended by an idiot driving in the rain with bald tires because Maryland didn’t (doesn’t) have periodic safety inspection which would have forced the fool to replace his tires.

Guess which state license plate is usually on cars I see with brake lights out?
Hint: here in DC and in Virginia there is periodic safety inspection.
In Maryland there’s a thorough inspection when you buy a car. Then you can let it go downhill as you please.

We are talking about a emissions test,everyone knows are car must be fully warmed for such a test. Call the test station and suggest the car was not allowed to reach operating temperature before the test was made,perhaps they allow a retest.

You need to resolve the issue of the incorrect format PO13A code. I don’t see it listed in my Kia specfic codes or in the generic code list,perhaps you are reading the list wrong.