Emissions testing switch

Or no emissions testing.

Maryland will transform the drive through emissions testing stations into Coronavirus testing stations. They’ll push the OBDII cable into…

Well, OK, they’ll use cotton swabs to obtain tests to see if you have Covid-19. IMO, that’s a use for a service that while important, is not as important as the coronavirus testing at the moment. Just one problem: the test stations are in Central Maryland and not in Western Maryland or on most of the Eastern Shore. Anyway, if your states have emissions stations, they might consider doing the same if they haven’t set up drive through coronavirus stations already.

Edit: I spoke too soon. The switch has not happened because there are not enough test kits to test anyone at the emissions stations yet. Soon, I hope, and the idea of using emissions testing stations is still a good one IMO.

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No emissions testing in Florida but we have a drive thru test station set up about a mile from me. Set up on a vacant lot.

Some humorous announcements lately.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that commuters in and out of NY City should chose less crowded train cars and buses.

Kinear Cash, the superintendent of buffalo announced that Buffalo schools would be closed Monday while teachers would be filling bags with instructional material the the students would pick up Tuesday. He then told the parents not to worry because “studies have shown that children learn faster at home anyway”.

The news conference was broadcast at 8qm, noon, 6 and 11pm but the part about kids learning faster at home was only on the 8am broadcast.

the teacher s blood pressure will go down because they won’t have to deal with all the parents . The parents are going to learn what the teachers put up with everyday .


Oddly, local lab had phlebotomists collecting samples inside rather than nursing personal at a drive through.
Yet my dog had an appointment, the techs came to the car and the clerk brought a credit card reader to the car for payment.

I think they are using WalMart parking lots in South Dakota. My niece has been “asked” to help staff. I was about to go to the hardware store but then found out we have a local positive. Part of a group just back from Israel so the whole group is quarantined. Doc says they are all around us even though not reported so guess I’ll shelter in the garage. I don’t like things I can’t see. For you older folks too, I got the word that there may be heart complications just at the point that the lungs recover. Dunno if it will prove accurate but I guess just another reason to play it cool.

Don’t believe it unless the source is unimpeachable. Your neighbors at Mayo Clinic are that type of source. The heart problems might be the extra stress from low oxygen supply and not an infection in the heart. People without heart conditions probably won’t experience a heart attack if they experience that stress, but older people and those with heart problems are more likely to.

My son in law had a bad case of pneumonia when he was about 20. It was serious enough that they were concerned for his life. His doctor said that it was good he was young, because younger people are much better able to recover from serious diseases than older people.

Pretty reliable. My son is an MD, but the info is just preliminary and may be related to other issues. Just saying to take it a little seriously.

Seems like a good source. Ask him if he means heart stress from respiratory problems or an actual heart infection, if you haven’t discussed this already. I’m not trying to beat on you, just hoping to keep misinterpretations from spreading.

He’s on vacation. Just what one of his partners had mentioned. Best not to get it at all.