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Emissions Inspection in NYC metro area?

Aside from the sniffer test what else is incorporated in an inspection in the NYC area? Do they pop the hood to check for emissions devices?

Are you sure that there is really an emissions inspection in NYC?

When drivers from NYC bring their cars to NJ, we can usually smell those cars and hear those cars before we can see them. Then when we finally do see them, the battle scars on the body and the bumpers confirm that they are NYC vehicles.


I’m sorry. The Devil made me say that.

… and think how much worse it might be if NYC didn’t have an emissions inspection!

I’m all for emissions testing. I’m just curious if a car that can pass the sniffer will fail because they look under the hood and notice something astray. I’ll be moving to NYC with a car that is in this situation so I am curious as to whether they will look under the hood for an OBD1 equipped vehicle.

What did you remove or modify?