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Emergency services-BMW Assist: IT STINKS!

Is there such a thing as a half-way functional decent emergency service worth the money?

I bought BMW assist for my used B’mer station wagon. That service has been HORRIBLE - absolutely HORRIBLE!!! I’m almost 60, a widow, and am disabled. I’ve used the service twice over the past 3 years. The first time was acceptable (barely - they showed up with barely any equipment and frankly, I think the kids down the street could’ve done the same thing this guy did re starting my car) but the second time around, I had a flat tire and the guy they sent was condescending, belittling, and expected me to believe him when he claimed he was 2.5 hours late because I, yes I, gave the dispatcher the wrong number (my own phone). Impossible since the dispatcher had called me back several times on that number with no problem. He berated me, humiliated me (or attempted to in that way women are more than familiar with), and I could see - by looking at the cross outs he’d made of my number on his paperwork (and noting his thick glasses) - that the guy just couldn’t humble himself to admit he had made a simple error.

The dispatchers themselves were horrible - regardless of how many times I told them I was parked in the parking lot of the big supermarket on the corner noted by their GPS, they repeatedly failed to tell the driver that information (though they assured me they had). I swear listening to those operators - they were likely being paid $3.99 an hour and had probably not even graduated elementary school.

The supervisor there told me that “BMWs require specialized service” and that’s why it was taking 2.5 hours to find someone. Excuse me - this was a simple FLAT TIRE. How specialized is a flat tire?! Come on now - again, because I’m female I’m supposed to buy this BS. It’s 2008. Women have some $ and clout now. They need to know that we will take our $ elsewhere until and unless they clean up their act and get honest and not to mention do a professional job.

The last straw was here they send out a truck with NO AIR knowing the problem was a flat tire. I mean come on now - for $300 a year for service… this is what you get?

DO NOT BUY BMW ASSIST and tell the dealer why you are going to get something else like AAA. If you are a female, beware. They will try to bullsh*t you - yeah, even now - 2008 - when we have a women running for VP and had a woman running for US president - still, there are these guys who somehow still think we’re going to sit passively by and believe the excuses for what is pure and simple sexism.

Service providers wanting to survive this rough economy need to change their ways - like it or not - you can’t afford to continue your sexist ways now.