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Emergency Brake Light on Dash

The emergency brake light on my dash always stay’s on. 1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4.3L

Follow Up from last post:

Thanks for all the info. Sorry I should have given more myself. I just bought this Blazer last week. I brought it in to get the state safty inspection. They put it on their dyno and said the front brakes work fine. The rear drivers side is only at about 20%ish and the passenger rear is at about 40%ish working. So to me this say’sit’s not the master cylinder.I pulled the rear drums and the pads are good but the drivers side rear pad hangs up when the brake pedal is pushed. I have a new cylinder for it but have yet to install it.

The brake fluid has always been up but it is very dirty. I also blead the system abit but this didn’t help. Sounds like it might be what “researcher” say’s:combination/proportioning/system failure. Any other thoughts now that I came clean with more info???

I would check all the hoses on the brake system. I suspect you will find the leak that way. I would add that you do need to flush the brake system. Get the new cylinder replaced, that could have been the initial problem.

Don’t put this off. Brakes are a life and death issue. I had mine go out one time when I was on my way to the shop to have the brakes worked on. I was a bit late and the failed and I ended up rolling through a red light on a main busy road. I am thankful that the other drivers were all awake and there was no accident.

Don’t push your luck.

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