EMERGENCY! 1989 Jeep- chugs but won't engage to turn

We need help IMMEDIATELY!!! Tried jumping it, started one evening, but not since. Just won’t seen to engage. Any thoughts where to start?? AND FINISH?!! Only means of transportation so I need it ASAP!!

Need more information.

Do you mean the car does nothing when you try to start it. No Click Click.

The best think i can think of is to check your battery connectors and fuses. Battery connectors should be clean and tight. Check ignition fuse.

If you want a better answer then we need more info.

OK “chugs”, “engage to turn” and “engage” are not recognized terms for starting problems. We need some more descriptions.

"Turn" or "turn over" means the engine is moving, either under the starter's power or it's own.  

A starter may "engage", but that means the gears of the starter engage the flywheel.  This might fail to happen in which case you would hear a high pitched whirling sound, but the engine would not start.  

Catch or fire indicates that the engine sounds like it is trying to start. 

If it starts it is running.

On the engine there is a black plastic tube about 4 inches wide. Pull a small tube out of it and spray starting fluid (three second spray) into that air intake tube. If it starts, and runs for a bit, then the problem is fuel. Post back.