Electronic ignition

installed in a 1973 450SE, having over heating problems and runs rough, how can i confirm the settings are correct, thanks tom

“Ground Control to Major Tom…”

If the timing is way off, yes, you can experience overheating. But your post is a little thin in the information department. Was this a recent retrofit? If so, was the engine running properly beforehand?

A timing light is your friend in checking the timing. A service manual will have the proper specs and procedure for setting the timing.

I agree that some more info would help. At this point is is assumed that you used a later model electronic distributor (450SEL?)to replace the contact point distributor.

If this is the case, a quick look shows that distributor has a dual advance unit with a vacuum retard on it also.
This also means that ignition timing is going to be VERY critical and with too much advance you may discover that Benz engine overhauls are not cheap.

If the engine does not rattle on acceleration, and since it’s overheating, this could point to the timing being too far retarded. Blackened spark plug tips may verify that. White or glassy tips may mean too much advance.

Rule of thumb on distributors like this is set the timing with both hoses disconnected and plugged. A short highway run followed by pulling some spark plugs for tip examination should be done.
Since this is a modification job I don’t know that there will be a “correct” setting; just a tolerable one.