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Electronic control light and battery light are on

had a battery replaced 2 months ago that my friend did

then i had my alternator replaced 3 weeks ago. Car has been running perfect since then. Before the alternator was replaced the car was very loud when starting and had a “whining” noise

yesterday we had a bunch of snow, my car was covered while at work

since then my battery light and electronic control light have been on

what the hell could it be
btw i drive an 08 dodge avenger , 97,000 miles

What is your [quote=“jasn88cubs, post:1, topic:99680”]
electronic control light
[/quote]?? I don’t know what you mean by this. Is this the Check Engine Light? Check your owners manual and tell us the correct name for this light.

The battery light on while the engine is running usually means the alternator is not charging the battery.

It could be the new alternator failed. It could be an alternator wire fell off.

Either way, take it back to the place that replaced the alternator and have it checked. Have them do a diagnostic check for engine codes (like a P0420 or a number in that format) Bring your cell phone because the car won’t go very far on just the battery and you won’t be able to jump it so it will need a tow.

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this light

sorry its not my batery light its my check engine light, im sorry im not good with cars

its my check engine light and “throttle control warning light”

That light might be a symptom of low voltage from a failed alternator or the throttle sender (the electronic gas pedal - no physical cables anymore) or the throttle plate motor assembly is bad. Have the check engine codes read. They will be in the form P1234. That is the place to start. Most any auto parts store can read the codes for you, assuming the car runs. If it doesn’t run, have it towed to your favorite shop. Preferably a good independent mechanic.

could this have anything to do with all teh snow my town received yesterday 2 inches about

No, I seriously doubt it. Cars are designed to be snowed on.

It would be nice to know what the error code is that is generating the warning. Depending on the issue, it may be as simple as replacing the air filter that is clogged with debris.

Might be unrelated to snow or battery/alternator. Throttle control issues are a common problem reported here. Often that just needs a good cleaning, as it is subjected to a lot of gunk on its backside from the EGR and PCV system.

If 2 inches of snow would disable a car, I wouldn’t be able to drive 6 months a year.