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After running various checks on the battery, starter and alternator, I agreed to have my mechanic perform a more thorough diagnosis to locate the draw on my battery. After keeping the vehicle for three days the mechanic told me the security circuit and the cd changer circuits were the culprit. I asked for the fuses, which he had removed accepting his diagnosis. One day later I questioned his diagnosis, returned the fuses to their rightful place in the fusebox, and there has been no drain on the battery. The car runs as though there had never been a problem. I have been told intermittancy could be the culprit - who knows? My question is did the mechanic earn eight hours worth of billable shop time; did I pay to have a problem identified or did I pay for a diagnosis, regardless of the outcome?

I would have had to be there to give a meaningful answer.

Duplicate post,one is already going.Why did you start two? This damages your credibility.