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i have a 96 nissan 200sx the lights come on that it wasnt charging so i put a new alternater on it and the wires were put on backwards and it was started now they are switched and i put a new battery and another alternator on it and now it wont charge anybody have any idea

What wires were put on backwards? The battery? You may have blown a fuse or burned a fusible link or circuit. If your not sure how o proceed, you need a mechanic.

anybody have any idea

My first idea is to try using some sentence structure and basic grammar. If you want people to help you, don’t make it difficult for them to try to figure out what you are talking about.

Can you say which wires were backwards? Although I don’t know the 200SX offhand, usually these cars are fairly foolproof and it’s hard to wire anything backwards.

Why did you replace the battery?

How long was the car running?

Did you have a shop run an electrical test on the vehicle?

Why even answer this kind of question? The original poster doesn’t even bother to respond to some very clear questions.

Unless it was you who put the alternator in backwards, it should be their problem to figure out not yours. They need to make it right.