Electrical problems in my 1989 Lincoln Bill Blass Mark vii

I just recently was given a 1989 Lincoln Bill Blass Mark vii by a friend, it being in very good condition for he only used it as a summer driving car. The car has ran great for a couple months now but up until a couple weeks ago my AMPS warning light came on, it would come on then go off again periodically. The only thing that seemed to be affected while the warning light was on is the turn signals they became slower when blinking. Then while out driving the light came on again and stayed on eventually the car died completely, the dash went blank and the car quit, it was still able to be jumped. I asked my friend if he had ever had this problem and he told me it had happened to him, he replaced the battery the alternator and the volt regulator and the regulator had seemed to be the fault of the problem this was about three years ago. So i did the same replacing the volt regulator, i had the car jumped and it started up and ran good for another two weeks or so i thought i had solved the problem. Then the other day the AMP light came on again while driving eventually ending up to me broke down again, i had it towed home jumped it with another car it started up and ran with the AMP light off. It seems i am able to go a week with out the car being effected then the AMP warning will come back. I have a feeling with a new regulator, battery and alternator that my volt regulator connector might be bad and need replaced it looks to be original and a little rough could this be the problem?. Any thing to help will be greatly appreciated, thanks GrimmO.

By AMPS light do you mean the red battery indictor lamp?

I would think an '89 LTD would have the voltage regulator built into the alternator…And your problem sounds like the alternator…Amp, Charge, Batt, these lights all mean the same thing…Failed alternator…

ok4450 -Yes my red battery indicator comes on and says AMP. Caddyman- my volt regulator is separate from the alternator.

". . .my volt regulator connector might be bad and need replaced it looks to be original and a little rough could this be the problem?.
Yes, this could be the probem. Clean the connector with some contact cleaner or replace the connector.

My memory is hazy on this but I think there may be a fusible link in the alternator- battery circuit and/or a connection at the starter solenoid.
I’ve got quite a few Ford schematics includings some for a Mark VII so I’ll dig a few out, look them over, and post back this evening.

Nice car by the way. I’m a big fan of the Mark VIIs. I’ve owned, and still do own, Mark VIIIs but the VII is countless times more serviceable than the VIIIs.

You received quite a gift with the Mark VII. My brother has a 1988 Mark VII, but it isn’t the Bill Blass model. He was going to donate the car, but when he checked with an insurance company, the company assessed the value of the car at $6000. He decided to do some minor work and keep the car a while longer.

The car is in really good shape, i just cleaned the battery connectors they where a little gummed up, i feel i need to get some new ones there in a little rough shape. i also have in order a new voltage regulator connector i will put that on and see what happens this week. Its starting and running right now with out the AMP light on, will see if i make it to work tomorrow.

So still having problems with the electrical stuff, the AMP light is coming on and off periodically i got a volt meter and checked my battery and it seems to be fine. I’m going to have a load test done to the battery to check for bad cells. Was wondering if a after market CD player that the previous owner put in could be causing my battery to drain due to a bad wiring job or something. Also i have issues with my defrost, my heater works but wont flip on the defrost i thought this may be causing some problem???.

Most parts stores will test your battery and charging system free of charge. You might want to stop by and heve them tested.