Electrical problems from water leak

Had a couple gallons of water under the carpet of my 2000 Audi A6 (80k miles), mostly on the driver’s side, from clogged water drains in front under the windshield - which was cleaned out by a mechanic.

Now have electrical problems: emergency flashers stay on most of the time, windows do not go up or down, inside lights do not work, warning bell comes on randomly. I took the carpet out yesterday and now letting everything dry out but same electrical problems persist so far.

Under the driver seat in a black box is a circuit board of some sort - the box was filled with water for who knows how long. After letting it dry it now has a smokey smell to it.

Any suggestions on diagnosing these problems? Anyone know what the circuit board is or does? Any chance the problems will go away when things dry out?

Mechanic said I would have to leave the car with them for a few days so they can figure it all out - trying not to spend too much money on this car.

The box that got water inside it is most likely done for. I don’t know what it is for but you could disconnect it and see what happens or dosen’t happen when you do that and it may help you figure out some things.

To begin with, find a new mechanic. That box is one of your computers. Do a Google search to find out which one it is. In my car the PCM is located under the engine compartment air filter and the BCM is up near the firewall on the inside left of the steering wheel…

Those locations differ depending on the manufacturer of the automobile.

What has happened is akin to dropping your laptop computer into a bathtub. If you are lucky, when it dries out it will work but I seriously doubt it.

Sounds like it could be the BCM. If it was the PCM, I’m betting that the car probably wouldn’t even start and run in the first place. The BCM handles many of the accesories on an automobile. Replacement also requires flashing the replacement computer and possibly the CASE.

If your mechanic doesn’t know that much, I wouldn’t let him touch your car past this point.

Hope this advice helps.