Electrical Problem?

I dread asking but I wonder if I have some kind of electrical problem with my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. I do park it outside and in the colder weather I’ve noticed when I start it up in the morning the battery doesn’t immediately go to what I assume is full power. The gauge hovers between the 9 and 14 level, lights dim and after about 60 seconds they power up to normal level. Also, I’ve noticed when I lower and raise the electric windows the lights(headlights, dashboard, etc…)dim and then go back to normal level when I’m done. Cause for concern? Thanks for any advice.

you need to have your charging system checked for proper output. at the same time the battery should be checked

The voltmeter in your dash is measuring the voltage in your electrical system at some point where it happens to connect. That is not necessarily an accurate read of the voltage at the battery terminals. My 2000 Blazer has a gauge that will very subtly “bounce” with the turn signals on, it also seems to read lower then a digital voltmeter attached to the battery-- for example, I have a “14” mark, the gauge will very obviously be under 14, yet a voltmeter will register 14.2V at the battery.

You may want to consider buying a voltmeter that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket, since the power points are usually on their own fuse, you may find that is a more accurate read of the voltage then the gauge.

In any case, as the other person posted, you can have your charging system checked–Auto Zone will check it for free I believe.

If you have owned the car since new, and never replaced the battery, I’d replace the battery whether or not it tests as OK… better to spend $75 today on a replacement at your convenience, than $75 within a year or two, after waiting in a freezing cold dark parking lot for a tow truck.

Thank you for your advice. I did have the battery replaced about a year ago. And, luckily there is an Auto Zone less than a mile from my house. If there is something wrong with the charging system is it a costly repair?