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Electrical problem

I have a 2001dodge durango with major problems. When step on the brake all the dash dims. no running lights at all. andsometimes you need use the remote for remote to shut it off. truning the off doesn’t do it if you use the remote to start the truck. all the fuses are good.

Might be a loose, or disconnected, ground connection. This situation can result in problems with other circuits as the electrical current finds an alternate path to ground through these other circuits.
I wouldn’t know specifcally where to suggest to start looking except under the dash, under the vehicle and in the engine compartment.
Problems like this can be long and tedious to find, but quick and easy to repair.

Or battery cable.

Ihave check all the grounds and cables everything is good

Is this the original battery?

Try to think of any event that could have affected the electrical system,rodent damage,stero install/uninstall recient repair or accident.

Vital to electrical diagnosis is a good visual inspection,start at the battery,don’t forget ground circuit or fuseabile links.Check bus points for tightness and cleanleness.Don’t rule out a influence from trailer wiring,(even if your not hooked to trailer)what about electric brake controller,is one present? disconnect and continue.

Do you have a schematic?

The light problem sounds like a bad ground problem to me also, like was already suggested. If you just looked at the ground connections that isn’t going to work in making sure the connections are good. To prove it is a grounding problem I suggest you make a long test jumper lead along with clean the battery connections. After cleaning the battery connections attach the jumper lead to the negative side of the battery and place the other end on a good conductive spot near the rear end. Then see if the lights work ok. If they do you will need to clean the chassis ground connections. Start with the ones near the battery.