Electrical issues

When I get low on gas, the empty fuel light comes on - as expected. What’s unexpected is that then the security system light blinks on, the gas light blinks off. Then, if I’ve got my headlights set to auto, they also blink on and off while the nighttime driving dash lights dim and brighten. Then the gas light comes on and the cycle starts over.

What’s going on?

If I continue to run the car until it’s almost out of gas, the gas light stays on and all the blinking goes away. Obviously, I can avoid the issue by keeping my gas tank topped off - but is this sometime serious to worry about?

Your’s is worse than mine. All mine does is to chime and turn the low fuel light OFF when the fuel is low. When refilled it turns the low fuel light back on. It has been doing this for about 30.000 miles. Maybe someone will have an answer both of us might find useful.

I would first check for a bad chassis ground connection.