Electrical Code on a Ford?

I have a Ford Escort ZX2 1998 - 73K miles. My ‘Service Engine Soon’ light came on a week ago and it’s $100 to get a diagnostic at my dealer. I took it to Pep Boys and had it done for free this morning - the code is:

P1380 - short or opening in VCT SOL Circuit Malfunction

I’ve faxed this to my mechanic at the dealer, but he went home with the flu today. I’m just concerned about how serious this code is and if I should be driving the car…? Car is running fine and I’ve noticed no difference in anything.


Trish in LA

Your Variable Cam Timing Solenoid has malfunctioned… It is safe to drive the car, you MIGHT notice a slight loss of top-end power…You should not ignore this indefinitely…It could be something as simple as a bad wiring connector…

Thank you very much!! I’ll take it to my tech as soon as he’s back at work.