Electric Window Drag



I have already disassembled the doors, lubed but have found that the problem in the 95 Mazda Gallant is the drag in the “fuzz” channels rather than the lifting components.

What is the best (and long lasting) way to “lube” the channels?


Forgot to add… tried WD40 spray and that didn’t last a week


Have you tried silicone spray?


I’ll second that. I used silicone on my 1998 Regal with good results. Make sure that you use the tube to spray into the track. The silicone oil is not fun to remove from the windows and door parts that aren’t supposed to be lubricated.


Replace the channel, it’s not particularly expensive or difficult to replace. When the fuzz wears off, the glass is running on dry rubber, that’ll just burn the motor out.


What kind of car is this? The Galant is a Mitsubishi, not Mazda.
If it’s a Mitsubishi, then they have some pretty lousy window regulators on these cars. They use a cable setup and they’re trouble-prone.


wd40 is simply aerosol kerosene. that dries out. spray silicone is the answer. BUT, as OK said, the rollers and wore guides are important too. but as scudder said, if the channels have the “fuzz” worn off, then they are the problem.

since you mention the 12 yr old age, i wouldnt doubt all these components are causing wear. it may be time for a new window regulator. if you have already figured out how to get the inside door panel off and on, thats most of the job. why not look around (and i mean look around, prices vary wildly) and replace the whole thing?

this IS the drivers window right? the most used, most abused window anyway!


Thanks for the education… for example had thought that wd40 was silicone based… off to find some real silicone lube.

In addition, after posting, took a stiff plastic spatula with a lube soaked rag and aggressively cleaned the exposed portion of the tracks and that helped significantly. It also exposed the fact that at least the upper portions of the track no longer use fuzz… gotta get a grip.

It’s a Mitsubishi… one of the costs of being a severe dislexik…

Thanks again everyone!
Beverly Howard