Electric & Light show fun in my car


I have a 98 subaru impreza outback 2.2 L 104000 miles. It’s started acting up last week. First the check engine light came on. a day later I started it and that was gone. I took it to advanced auto parts to have the comp checked out but when they plugged in they got not reading. The device continued to say that it needed to be hooked up to get a reading. Then a day later the auto locks started to go on and off. The latest is that the inside lights and turning signal went on and off with the locks without touching them. Is this a short or something.

I recently had the car work done about 3 weeks ago but nothing electronic. I had the axle,water pump,& timing belt worked on.


I saw this post … I wonder if it’s the same thing?

"The problem might be with water leaking past the windshield onto the Generic Electronic Module or GEM, and or the fuse box. The GEM is mounted above the fuse box. I’ve seen this happen on two Ford truck based vehicles.

If the GEM or fuse box gets wet, it can cause all sorts of wierd electrical problems."



Ask the people who worked on the car to look it over for any visible wiring problem.
A red power wire goes to the scan tool tester plug. Check that for 12 volts dc. If there’s not power, a scan tool can’t connect.