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Electric issue w/ 03 Honda Civic

My wife’s 03 Honda Civic just started acting up. Whenever she locks her door (electric loc) or turns on her lights, the radio shuts off and the engine starts acting “funny”… any ideas???

Has the battery been replaced recently? Any check engine light on?

My '03 Civic had some unusual symptoms when the alternator failed. As the battery lost power and was not recharged some whacky electrical things happened. When the battery can’t deliver full voltage and amps some funky things can happen.

Have the alternator checked. If you haven’t had a new battery recently have the battery load tested. I needed a new alternator and a month later a new battery in my '03 Civic with 124K miles on it.

Along with cleaning the battery connections clean the main chassis grounding under the hood. There is a resistive power connection somewhere.