Electric Choke wiring


Trying to convert a thermal choke GM 350 to an electric choke carb The choke has (+ -) marks on the housing, is it as simple as finding a + and ground wire and just connecting or is some sort of sending unit required?


I think the mounting serves as the ground, so all you need is a positive power source that’s hot when the key is on. The choke heater will open the choke and keep it open until the current is removed and the heater cools off.


Sorry, if there’s a (-) marking, connect a ground wire to that terminal.


Most of these I have seen have the +/- on the housing referring to the setting of the thermal coil inside the enclosure – plus to go richer – minus to go leaner. The heating element inside does not care which polarity is used as it is a resistive element. Unless the carburator has a plastic body between the air horn and the throttle plate base there is no need for a ground wire. Connect the hot wire to a battery source that is switched on with the key in the ‘run’ position


Thanks for the info, I appreciate it,