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Electric Car Conversions

I’m thinking of converting my 1988 Nissan Pulsar to all electric. Any suggestions?

The name “Pulsar” would still fit, mind you this would be about the only thing that would still fit.

There are website specific to these conversions. You may want to visit some of those.
And save your cash. This will be fun, but it will not be economical.

Don’t bother.

Here are some websites I’ve located as I researched conversions.

As mentioned, don’t expect to save any money. This is an expensive science experiment, not a good economical move. And even after conversion, you’ll still have a 22 year old car. And all the problems that go with it.

You can buy a new Leaf cheaper than you can convert your Pulsar…The Leaf will outperform your home-brew efforts by a factor of 3…

“And even after conversion, you’ll still have a 22 year old car. And all the problems that go with it.”

In addition to all the problems you will have with a home brewed elec. conversion. And I foresee many.
But then again if it was cheap, easy or reliable wouldn’t you see more conversions on the streets?

Perhaps this is not the place but in the face of potential power grid problems due to solar activity, roving brown outs in hot weather due to inability to meet demand why does adding electric cars to the scenario make sense?

Sensing a lot of negativity out there. The car is in good shape other than a blown motor. The Leaf is going to cost $17,000 plus. That’s a lot of money for a commuter car. I’ve looked at web sites. Any you recommend.

I’ve said it before, but if making a good electric car was cheap and easy to do, you would see them everywhere and the showrooms of the big three would be full of them. Texaco and Chevron would be making batteries for them.

The day electrics are better than gas engines, “big oil” will no more be able to prevent the switch over to electric than “big coal” was able to keep gasoline engines from replacing steam engines.