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EGR Valve

How bad do I need a EGR Valve when the service engine soon light comes on after diagnosis readout?

I’m sorry, but I’m confused.

The service engine soon light is for scheduled maintenance.

After the diagnosis, was anything done to correct the problem? If not, someone should look deeper and see if the valve needs replacement, the valve needs cleaning, or the solenoid is malfunctioning. Failure to correct a malfunctioning EGR valve can manifest itself as poor idling, rough operation, and even pingiing and engine damage.

I was told to put Fuel Injector with a tank of gas to see if it would clean the valve out.The lightwent out for a couple of weeks but came back on.The same readout came back about the EGR Valve.Should I replace it now?

What is the exact diagnostic trouble code, in the form of P0400. There are a few codes associated with the EGR and connected components, and it may not be a failed EGR valve itself.

But, getting it corrected as soon as possible could prevent further damage to the engine. The main purpose of the EGR is to lower exhaust gas temperatures to prevent the formation of sulfides and nitrides, components that for acidic rain. The Same Mountainbike mentioned a lot of the bad things that can happen with a malfunctioning EGR.

Thanks Guys, I’ll just replace the EGR Valve and be safe.A 400 plus job…

Hopefully for $400, it will be a complete job. Just replacing the valve itself is meaningless with some of the codes.

Do not just replace the valve. There is no code that says that the valve is bad. There are multiple parts to the EGR system - the valve is only one of those parts.

If you do report the exact code (as noted a few times) people can point you to some trouble shooting and other - potentially much cheaper - alternatives.

Thanks Cigroller, I’ll check it out.