EGR Flow issues in F 150

I have an 02 F150 that is having EGR flow issues that started a few years ago. 1st time light came on used aftermarket part and it didn’t last a month, 2nd time went to Ford - lasted 13months, 3rd time local mechanic “cleaned the line” and 6months later light is back on. What gives?

What code are you getting and what part do you keep replacing? Which engine does the truck have? The most common EGR related code reads “insufficient flow” and is usually caused by a part called the DPFE sensor. This is the all time number one cause of check engine lights in Fords, and for some reason it causes a lot of people to throw EGR valves at it to try to get it to go away. If you have replaced the DPFE sensor, testing the EGR is the next step. You may also check the exhaust pipe that feeds the EGR to make sure it is not clogged, leaking, or kinked.