Eeny Meeny Miney Moe - What to Drive?

In one month, my 2005 Saab 9-3 lease will expire and I am tossing around three purchase options. I average 10,000 miles a year and mostly do city driving so getting into another lease seems ridiculously indulgent. My options are:

(1) Buy the Saab 9-3 Arc (with 23,000 miles) at $16,000

(2) Buy my dad’s 2003 Saab 9-5 Arc (with 33,000 miles) at $12,000

(3) Buy my sister’s 2002 BMW X5 3.0 (with 88,000 miles) at $13,500

All cars have been well maintained and are in excellent condition. To be honest, I’m most tempted by the X5. I have driven it many times and really enjoy the solid feel and would appreciate the all-weather capabilities up here in Philadelphia. But it has the most miles and the repair costs are a tad insane. Though as my brother in-law likes to note, it has been in the shop a few times recently and a lot of the items under the hood are brand new. The only reason they are dumping it is because he’s getting a new 5-series. In the end, the BMW also seems like the least intelligent choice. Especially since I want to squeeze at least two years out of this car and with it nearing the 100,000 mark, I’m not sure if that is possible. At which point, I turn to the 9-5. Though I admittedly, think the ride on my 9-3 is better. Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

The best price is the 9-5. If you like it, buy it. You won’t find many low-mileage 2003 9-5s at that price, plus you know the heritage.

Yup, it sounds like all these cars are “in the family,” so I think it just comes down to which one you like the best.

IMHO, leasing a new car is always a bad deal, buying a late model used car should be a better deal in any case. I also don’t know why you are concerned about a 100K mile BMW, if it’s been well maintained it should have lots of life left. Honestly, I don’t know very much about the GM/Saab (the last one I owned was a '89).

I would not just look at price but a family fude that is coming. If you buy the other two and you have a problem with either car. you will be afriad to say in front of them about any problems. or they might say do,nt blame me I took care of the car . you might say too you self
boy I,am sorry I bought this car and must keep your mouth shut. do not have any deals with family. keep your car. all the price come out about the same when counting miles

Good point, I would avoid family deals unless the purchase price and any repair cost are not going to be an issue for you or them. If someone is going to get upset about some future $2000 repair bill, it’s not worth it.

Let them have yours and buy Dad’s. He wants a new car.

A totally valid point but I left out a few details to avoid rambling. I work in a family business and the car is 100% covered by the business. Any expenses will therefore be covered by the business as well. This plsu the fact that everyone takes ownership for their own decisions nips the family feud issue in the bud.

Good. What I was trying to say (politely) was that it shouldn’t be a problem if you and your family can afford not to care about a few $1000 one why or the other. Just pick whichever car you like best and have fun.

A family of adults? How refreshing!