"eco-oil" recycled motor oil

Is recycled, re-refined motor oil equal in quality to virgin oil? if not equal is the quality adequate for a newish car - expected to last a long time?

There are oils that are recycled and refined and meet a large number of API specs for oil, to include the most recent one. Based on the API classification it meets, it is considered to be the same quality as virgin oil.

I guess the key is can they prove it meets the API specs for my car. I’d require this before I used it.

I have looked at America’s Choice by SafetyKleen, at Sam’s Club. Also read the info on their web site. However, it doesn’t appear that the current savings from such a purchase is significant, compared to a good sale case price of virgin oil.

Yeah, I’d have a tough time paying, say, 90% of the price for recycled, not worth it to me. SafetyKleen is a well-established company at least, I’d use it in a pinch.

I’ve read many articles claiming that motor oil does not lose its lubricating properties with age, it just gets dirty, and if you clean the dirt out the oil is good as new.

I’m not sure I believe it, but that’s what I’ve read.

Unless this “re-refined” motor oil you’re contemplating is SUBSTANTIALLY less expensive than virgin oil, I wouldn’t even consider using it. If it’s less than half the cost of virgin oil, well, maybe.

It’s up to you. I suggest you read the warranty information that came with your car VERY CAREFULLY before you start pouring re-refined motor oil into your car’s engine.

Any oil you pour into you car’s engine should meet the appropriate API specs (check your owner’s manual). If it does, OK, but if it doesn’t, don’t use it.