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ECM location Dodge Intrepit

Where is the ECM located on a 96 Intrepid with a 3.3L.

I keep getting a code (12) that indicates the battery has been disconnected and I feel I am getting bad gas milage due to the settings being constanly lost and relearned.

I suspect a bad wiring connection to the ECM. If I know how it is wired and location I can then evaluate to some level.

Any other comments or experiences shared are appreciated.


How are you getting a code 12? By 1996, all cars sold in the USA were required to be OBD II. This uses codes like P0122 …a letter, plus 4 digit. The two digit codes were of years before.
Here are (unlabeled) wiring diagrams of OBD II Chrysler/Dodge. They should be close enough: Click on a diagram to enlarge it. As you’ll see, the PCM gets its power from the alternator, a fuse, and through the ASD relay. Any of these wires, or the ASD relay, could be the problem. I suppose it’s possible that a problem could exist inside the alternator, also. Wriggle wires, and check voltage/ohms with a diital multimeter

When scanning new BMW for pre delivery inspections there would always be a message in the diagnostics that the battery was disconnected (cars were shipped with a battery disconnect) it ment nothing we just cleared it.What settings do you fell your loosing? adaptive shift points?

I used the MIL method to read the 2 digit code. The Chilton manual describes how to do this and has the codes. When using the OBD II code reader it did not come up. I did get a code indicating the cat conveter is not efficient. They guy at Autozone said it may be 2nd O2 sensor.

Where is the ASD Relay and ECM physically located? The ECM is always drawing power to keep the memory. Correct?

Thank you.