Dying engine


I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty with it’s first problem. If I take my foot of the gas it dies. Some interior lights came on of their own free will at one point when this was happening. Had to have it towed to the closest place, Tunex. It seems like it would be a common problem but they haven’t figureed it out after what they say is several hours. What are the most common possibilities?


It must not be a ‘common’ problem or they would have found the fault.

You MAY have an ignition system related fault.


Some clarification on something would help.
You state it died when your foot was removed from the pedal, but had it towed.

Would the engine continue to run if you kept the pedal depressed?
If so, you may have a large vacuum leak or a much more likely problem with an Idle Air Control valve. The Idle Air valve is also a vacuum leak, however it’s a computer controlled one which keeps the engine idling.