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Duramax Question

I have a 2001 Duramax with 78K miles all stock, would like to know if anyone could recommend the best cold air intake, tuner programmer and exhaust cat back or turbo back. I would like to get better fuel mileage and power.

My buddies use Banks. Thats all I can tell you.

Do a little searching on this site and read all about the guy with the Ford diesel that fried his new engine with a tuner chip. No help from Ford, he did it to himself. $10,000+ in repairs I think…if you really want to do this, you’ll want to find a duramax forum and find out what might work. But prepaired for lots of fairy tales about amazing improvements. Guy I know was SURE he’d get 30 mpg out of his Ram diesel if he got the right parts. No chance…

You cannot increase mileage and power at the same time. Increasing one decreases the other. There are no miracles.

Live with what you have. The Ford engineers know what they’re doing. Anything you change will end up costing you money, not saving you money.

I have to agree with the previous posts. Save your money.

Leave it alone and avoid wishing you had left it alone…

Mc, Ford engineers would be interested to know their plans were stolen by GM / Isuzu.

I agree; like those who wanted to one up the engineers who designed these things, unless you know more than the collective intelligence of all those who have worked on and designed this thing from the get go, leave it alone. We can feel confident in converting mid boom sheeting to end boom sheeting in a sailboat or changing a derailleur to a different brand or gear cogs to a different ratio on a bike, cause the dynamics are much more simple to understand; but a sophisticated diesel is nothing for the layman to tinker with. I once changed the carbs from factory on a Honda outboard, to get more power but only after the reassurance from a Honda rep it was reasonable and accepted alteration but with the Acceptance that it would still void the warranty.

Even professionals would wince at making changes like this without a manufacturer’s guidance and recommendations. I would Start there, not here.