Dual line brake circuit

hello car guys,

I’m a fellow MG owner from cape cod. My 1964 mgb was brought back to life after sitting for about 25 years. The car is not restored and looks like it might have in the late sixties after being used hard and not well maintained. No major work has been done to it and I just fix what it needs to stay running. As you know, like your MG TD,these cars have a single line master cylinder and I have been thinking that a change to a dual line system would be a desirable safety upgrade. I also have a 2001 Ford Ranger (with dual line system) and recently a rusted brake line failed (the one going to the left front) and the whole system went down. I thought the dual line system would prevent this. Then after replacing the rusted line and bleeding the brakes I realized that when you open the bleed screw, which is like breaking a line, the brake pedal goes to the floor. Now I’m not so sure about the upgrade on the MG. Please help.


In theory, the dual line system is supposed to help save the people who are , lets say casual, about the maintenance of their vehicles. I personally don’t think those really work all that well, but apparently , in use, if you lose one system, you still have some braking power in the other system even though the pedal is on the floor.

If you maintain your brake system properly, a one line system is safe to use. If you don’t, I don’t think any system will save you.

The biggest problem that I can see with maintaining your brakes is in getting good quality brake shoes. Your brake shoes were originally made from asbestos. I don’t think anything has yet to match it for braking ability. With disc brakes, there is a wide variety of materials available, some of which come close to matching asbestos ability, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with brake shoes. Only one compound seems to be available, and it’s not the best stuff.

If you could find a source of a carbon fiber brake shoe, you might get back something close to this cars OEM braking ability.

Hmmm…I have a 67 MGB with the Aluminum…“Bonett” and 18K orig miles. I gave it to my Brother in CO along with 4K worth of resto parts…he has much more patience than I do…it looks beautiful now…almost done. I think he will drive it a while go to some shows and then sell it…

The Orig Lockheed brake setup is outdated and EXPENSIVE to monkey with and with its very specialized mounting system you will probably be hard pressed to find a way around it…I bet the MG clubs have addressed this with a new modern master cyl…in fact I nknow they have. Look into that I am sure they have a newer setup for these cars as most peoples metal resevoirs have rusted thru because of the brake fluids Hydro-Scopic nature…combine that with 0ver 30 years sitting and you get the idea.

Go to a MG forum and look around I am certain they beat you to this upgrade long ago.