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Drove my WRX through minor road flooding, but didn't stall - now overheating

I was driving this morning through a torrential thunderstorm and drove across some deeper than expected water. I made it through without a stall, but it was probably close. I had a sheet of water over the windshield for a moment. I know this a dumb thing to do…

For a few seconds, the oil light was on but it dimmed and went out very quickly. Temperature was OK. I left the car running for 20 mins when I got home assuming that was a fairly safe thing, but I found that it had overheated. I’m going to get it all checked out tomorrow morning, and my mechanic is within 3 miles.

What should I look at before I start the car again to ferry it down to my mechanic? I guess I should take off some of the air intake apparatus and drain water. Could sensors be damaged causing the oil light to go off?

(Subaru Impreza WRX - 4 Door - 2005 - 80k miles)

If you think water made it into your intake I wouldn’t drive it, have it towed. Also you don’t want it to overheat again as this can lead to expensive repairs. Don’t drive this car another foot until it is checked out.

I agree.
Have it flat-bedded to your mechanic.
If you have it towed, you will be adding AWD mechanism repair bills to any other repairs that may be needed.