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Drove my car through a puddle

I drove my car through a puddle, and right after that, my check engine light came on and it hesitates to accelerate. What could be the problem?

You don’t say what year the Honda is, but if it’s a 96 or newer some auto stores will connect a code reader to the vehicle and pull codes for free to determine what caused the Check Engine light to come on. And that’s where to start.

Who knows? Driving thru the puddle may have damaged the oxygen sensor from thermal shock.


This happened to me one time. Turns out the ceramic on the spark plug cracked on a couple of plugs.
Hope this helps.

Much could depend on how the word puddle is used. A puddle is an inch or two deep in my opinion.
If the water is 6" deep then that’s a pond and it’s possible that water could have been inhaled into the intake and waterlogged the air filter.

I’m in agreement about checking for codes and if none are present then inspect the air filter; or vice- versa.

I vote with Tester. Most likely suspect is thermal shock to the oxygen sensor in the cat. I have experienced this.

Have the codes read. Most parts store will do this for free. Post them here.
Tester is probably right, but have the codes read anyway.

It could be just some ignition parts getting wet…or inhaling some water…or almost anything in between.