Driving without pos battery cable connection

I didn’t have the ratchet extender to remove old dead battery from my 06 crown Vic so I hooked up new battery to start it to drive to get tool to get out old battery and install new one. I got distracted in the process and forgot (doh!!) to hook up pos cable to old battery before I drove it. Now my VAPS isn’t working, car idles really rough, and really slow throttle response. I know battery regulates voltage in vehicle and I heard that the Speed sensitive steering system is very succeptible to voltage spikes so I think I may have fried the sensor but what else could I have done to cause other issues? Battery is new and alternator is at 12v. No check engine light except lean code that was there already cause I need a tune after installing bigger plenum and tb. Any ideas?

Your alternator voltage is too low. It should be 14v. You fried the regulator.

I suggest you first make sure that you didn’t blow any fuses before replacing anything.

Sorry alternator at 14v. Not 12. Gonna check all fuses now.