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Driving with three lug nuts (2008 Chevrolet Impala)

Can you drive on three lug nuts

Expand a little. Why, how far, how long, how fast? Ya gotta help a little here. But can you drive it slowly for a mile to the shop to have the nuts or bolts replaced? Sure.

Yes, I can and I have driven jalopies home that I purchased for a couple of hundred dollars with only 3 lug nuts holding a wheel.

Should you drive with 2 lug nuts missing from one wheel? No.

Relying on just 3 of 5 wheel studs could eventually lead to the last three studs breaking.

Take 1 from a 2nd wheel. Now you have 2 wheels with 4. Do you have 2 bad studs? Not hard to change them.

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If you only have three lug nuts, you’ll have to buy one more to hold on the fourth wheel.:rofl:

Lug nuts are not that expensive, and studs can be replaced pretty easy.
I’d fix this problem before you lose a wheel.


Autozone , Advance Auto , O’riellys and even Walmart have lugnuts so just go buy some .

Nascar recently changed the rules to stop teams from only putting three lug nuts on each wheel to speed up pit stops. They are going 200 mph. Yes, I imagine you could go almost indefinitely with three properly tightened lug nuts but you are reducing the safety factor. I would not do it unless I was someplace where I couldn’t get lug nuts and studs or access to tools. But at the same time, if I was out in the wilderness I would definitely do it to get home.

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No, you need wheels and tires, the lug nuts are used to hold the wheels to the axle

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Well as usual no response from the OP. Getting to be pretty common here so we’re just talking to each other.

I had a friend (not from this country) that had a flat in the ramp so I went with him to change the tire. I can’t remember what car it was but one of those little Chevy or Toyotas. At any rate it had 4 bolts but it was so rusted that dang if I didn’t break one off. I don’t exactly carry PB with me. So we changed the tire and I told him to get the stud replaced pronto. Some months later I asked him about it and no he never did get it fixed so he’d been driving around the metro area with three bolts. I’ve tried but some folks just aren’t as keen on car upkeep. Some time after that he just got a different car. But he made it on three bolts for quite a while. Engineers do build in stress factors I guess.

better yet go to the parts store and buy new ones for 2 or 3 dollars , much safer

Mine are all intact, thanks anyway. Oh you mean the OP? Hasn’t been around for a long time.