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Driving to Alaska


My wife and I would like to drive to Alaska, but don’t want to take our car. How would I find out about someone who would like a car delivered to Alaska

Take the ferry to Alaska, (there are several choices) and then rent a car when you get there. A thousand miles of dirt road is not nearly as much fun as you think…

PS…Much of the Alcan Highway has been paved (but not all of it) But it’s still a two-lane road and much of the “pavement” is in poor condition.

Yep, it’s a long drive, much of it not very scenic. And very few people would have their cars driven up to Alaska, they ship them up on barges. Much less wear and tear. The ferry’s a great way to go.

Big difference if you are starting in Seattle or Key West.


So what you really want, is to drive someone else’s car to Alaska, and have your expenses covered too.

I just rode my motorcycle from Bisbee up past Fairbanks last summer.

The AlCan is paved the entire way, other than where they’re currently doing construction and at those points everyone just slows way down; I probably rode through maybe 20 miles of construction zone on the AlCan for its whole length.

Honestly, the days of driving to Alaska being a huge ordeal are gone. Depending upon your route you can see some amazing stuff.

I hear you can see Russia from some scenic viewpoints, like Wasillia (that is if you can see over the new fence)

My son and I made the AK trip a few years back starting from Colorado Springs. On the way up went through Calgary then picked up the ferry from Prince Rupert to Haynes. Returned via the Alcan. The trip was worth every day of travel. Be sure to drive through Bampf and Jasper national parks in Alberta, some of the most amazing scenery ever.

I doubt anybody wants to have their car driven there though. Probably cheaper to ship. You’ll put on several thousand miles if you make the trip worthwhile.

If I had the time, I’d do the trip again. I had a month of vacation at the time. Thanks for reminding me to plan another trip ;).