Driving my car too hard?

Yep, 4-banger refers to a four cylinder engine, 4 bangs, get it? A neighbor of mine has a 2-banger but it is a 2 cylinder lawn mower. I wish mine was a 2-banger.

SAAB used to have 3-banger engines. 2-stroke, 3-banger.

Honda (Acura) engines like RPM’s.

“Too Hard” is over-revving or lugging and we are sure you wouldn’t do either.

I don’t remember seeing 70 and 80 Max signs when I visited Texas. You’ll have less trouble with the law if you use those high RPM’s at a lower speed. Downshift.

According to the Random House dictionary:

?noun Automotive Slang.
a four-cylinder engine

Sorry Caller X. You are going to have to get used to it.

Does it harm the engine if you ever let the RPMs go down? Must we keep the RPMs up while waiting for a traffic light to change?

Hey, some of you engineers out there, please help me. I cannot figure it out
Let’s say you have a car with a 3 inch stroke and it is running at 5000 rpm. How fast does a piston have to move? That’s 3 inches up and 3 inches down per revolution. Considering it slows down and even stops at the top and bottom. I used to be fair at math but this has me baffled.

“3,000 - 4,000 rpm? Ha, ha. The engine is laughing, and waiting for you to show it more like 6,000, or maybe even 7,000. I don’t know. Where’s the red line”?
Yeah I know a man who just bought a new Challenger. In order to keep the RPMs and the HP up he has to drive in fourth on the turnpike. God knows he doesn’t need all that power but it is good for the engine. Yeah?

I know a hot-rodder who calls 4 cylinder engines “piston poppers”.