Driving in a low gear

I just bought a 1984 Mercedes 380SL and was driving down the road. The car stopped on me a couple of times and I noticed I was driving with the shifter at d3. I stopped for a while and now the car won’t start? Did I do something to the car while driving in that low gear?

I doubt it, 3rd gear is probably good fo 70. Did you get it inspected before purchase? These can be money pits. Has it had the timing chains fixed?

A common problem is the fuel pump relay. A bad solder joint opens up. It is located behind the glove box.

Another “common” problem was the ignition coil. They also tended to just “open up” after several years of service. This usually happened without warning.

Are you sure you have sufficient fuel? The fuel gauge and the sending unit weren’t terribly accurate in those cars.

Are you able to start the car in neutral?

D3 is not LOW rear. “R” is not for racing. “P” is not for passing, N doesn’t mean normal, it won’t go anywhere in N I guess that just about covers it.