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Driving for 10 hours (to and back) with Ford Ranger 2005 2w

Hello! I don’t know much about cars so go easy on me.
I am planning a trip that will take me 5 hours to drive in my truck, but I was wondering if such a long distance would be alright for it. The car has about 80k miles on it if that helps at all. I can provide further information if needed.

If you feel comfortable driving it back and forth to work and around town then you do not have a problem. People jump in there vehicle and do things like this all the time.

where are you? mild weather? southern california? NY state? florida? a breakdown in hostile climate can be dangerous.

I would drive my 140,000 mile truck on a 17 hour trip (and back) starting today if I needed to. But I maintain my truck with regular oil changes, brake service, tire inflation, rotation and replacement when needed. If you have done that too, no worries.

going from ohio to maryland, so through the Appalachians would be the only real danger.

Just make sure your tires are in good shape and I’d add a bit of ballast to the bed… but you are in Ohio so you’ve probably already done that.

Piece of cake. Vehicles like to be out on the road. Just make sure your maintenance is done and things like tires, battery, belts and hoses are in OK shape.


Is this truck in good shape, or a piece of junk?

Flying would take a lot less time.

I disagree. An hour to the airport, 2 hours before the flight, a 2 hour flight is 5 hours and you are still a cab ride from the destination.

If I am not at least 8 hours away, I’ll drive.

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My personal rule is anything over an hour up to 5 hours driving time, I take a train. That pretty much covers me from Boston to Washington. Greater than that I fly.