Driver License Renewal and Possible Delays & Deadline Discussion

Enhanced license is available in New York, just got mine.

Yes but you need more than your old license and birth certificate. If you google NY Enhanced License you can see all the requirements.

Several months, ago, my driver’s license was up for renewal . . .

I renewed/converted my regular commercial driver’s license to a Real ID commercial driver’s license

The amount of paperwork to get that was just plain ridiculous

On top of that, the dmv officials were unbelievably rude. At one point in the process, I had to answer some questions on a computer terminal, along with several other people. There was this dmv employee there, whose purpose was to help us by answering quesions

Every time somebody asked a question, he would just parrot their response back to them in an extremely rude and aggressive manner. Well, do you . . . ?! Well, are you . . . ?! and so forth. He was yelling at them, rolling his eyes, and so forth

A few people needed help using the computer terminal, and he told them what to do. Some of the people didn’t understand his advice, and he loudly told them “MOVE” . . . they were surprised and didn’t know how to respond to that aggressive behaviour. Then the dmv employee physically SHOVED them out of the way and entered the information on the computer terminal, so that customers could continue.

So in effect, he wasn’t helping anybody. He was literally and physically hurting people

That was by far the worst behaviour I’ve ever seen at a dmv

That guy is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and I hope he got fired, because he deserves it

I’ve never seen anybody that was more deserving of a pink slip

Moving on . . .

I also got the regular passport and the credit sized “mini passport” which allows travel to/from Mexico and Canada

So I’m definitely good to travel on airplanes here

bringing it back to cars . . .

in my neck of the woods, uber and lyft drivers will soon be forbidden from pulling up to the passenger loading zone at the international airport

I tried messaging you to ask this but my screen just went black. Did you have to give them a DOT physical card? NY is requiring one from me to renew my CDL.

I guess I will just change to a regular enhanced license, It is $30 more than the real ID but we live so close to Canada that it would be handy.

At SRQ, Sarasota - Bradenton International, they already have signage and designated Uber & Lyft parking spaces, conveniently located near the terminal. The drivers inform riders to meet there when being picked up. I use it. Works great.

Transportation Network Companies (TNC’s)
You may request a ride with Uber and Lyft by connecting to their rideshare app. Loading is in the Short Term Parking Lot, Row A8. More information can be found on their websites at:

They are still permitted to pull up to the terminal for drop-offs, but it would be no big deal if that changes.

Isn’t that a hiring requirement for some DMV’s?? My birth county in Ohio was that way. Grumpiest “customer service” employees in the county. The second grumpiest were the building permit people!

Florida’s “Tax Collector” (that’s what my county calls them) employees were really nice and helpful. Unexpected pleasure.

Our FL county calls them Tax Collector, also (Truth in Government, I guess, ha, ha). The folks there were nice, but security is rather tough. Just to ask a question, literally, I had to remove hat and sunglasses and give name, address, and vehicle information, all of which was entered into a computer. I was waiting for one wrong answer and being hand-cuffed.

Eventually, I was able to see somebody to answer my short question.

In Minnesota a great number of them are private Registrars contracted with Public Safety so no problem at all. You can go downtown St. Paul and deal DMV but have only done that a couple of times. Didn’t see a problem but they are not there to be your friend.

Getting a passport isn’t as easy as it use to be. You need the same documentation that a Real-Id needs. I also don’t want to carry my passport when I travel domestically (which I do a lot). I’ll be getting my real-id this month when my regular license expires. NH is a border state with Canada, but we don’t have the Enhanced Drivers license option. I wish we did.

There was a Maintenance Chief in my squadron that had a real unpleasant experience with TSA, actually it was with airport security before it was called TSA. Anyway part of the squadron went on a detachment (aka det). He had remained back to get the aircraft launched while most of the squadron personal went on a military charter. He took a commercial airline to catch up later.

For those who know anything about jets, there is a critical gauge needed called the Turbine Inlet Temperature indicator. From that you can guess what the common acronym for that gauge is, and it is a common acronym used by maintenance men in both military jets and civilian airlines. These are round tube about 1.5" in diameter and about 10" long. He taped three of them together and put them in his carry on.

The female security agent who scanned his carry on asked him what that was and before he could check himself, he said tit indicators. He missed his flight and the only thing that eventually got him released was when they consulted with the airlines electrician and he confirmed that that was the common term for the gauges.

Heh heh, ever try to get a company of Army Reservists dressed in Class A with brass and medals through security? Took a while and everyone lost their belts, coats, etc. trying to find all the metal. I mean if you can’t trust the Army on a plane, we’re in trouble.

So there I was, a group of 4 of us in O’hare, Wife said don’t wear those ratty blue jeans and your camo Black Box hat (gift from the computer supply company), hiking boots, TSA comes up to our group for a random inspection, they pick a guy with nice pants, shirt, tie shoes etc. to do the random inspection on. Guess I looked pretty safe in comparison.

These people walk up to security and try to get through. Who are they? Army? Who’s army? How does TSA know who these people are? Security is just doing their job. Maybe you and your friends could help them rather than complain.

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Also needed actual social security card as well as proof of address in NY.

I would say physically shoving the customers goes beyond “hiring requirement” for dmv . . .

here the guys at the dmv counter are state employees, but the security guards seem to be hired by some outside employer

something similar happened to me once, also a long time ago, long before it was tsa

I had a couple of 12v automotive fuses in my pocket, which I had completely forgotten about

The service dog went crazy, I was pulled aside and told to empty my pockets and all my baggage. The the screeners asked what the items were, they obviously didn’t know they were just fuses. Once I told them what they were, they asked WHY I was carrying them. I told them I’m a mechanic and had simply forgotten that they were in my pocket. They treated me very rudely and I don’t recall if they confiscated the fuses or let me keep them. They were j-case fuses, the rather large amperage ones that weren’t all that cheap at the time, either

same here. They wanted to see the actual card, plus 2 proofs of residence. I brought a bank statement and a utility bill. They made copies of everything


I think I got my social security card in 1954. Wow. I know I still have it someplace but would have to look for it. Can’t believe it’s just card stock and lasted this long.

Thing is as far as TSA, They took my Cokes, my little 2" knife/scissor/etc. that was a keepsake from a college father and son banquet. They took my wife’s cake server, but never ever has anyone questioned that sharpened pencil I always carry. Yeah if you ever need to use it, there’s no turning back but it can be a pretty potent weapon if held properly.

Most thing can be used as weapons next they will handcuff people to their seats.

I remember reading that when Donovan started the OSS in WW II, one of the things he taught was how to kill someone with a newspaper. I have no idea how though. A guy at work was in the OSS and said if he told me how, he’d have to kill me. (kidding)

Didn’t you read the rules before you went through TSA? No liquids. No knifes. You could have always put the knife in your checked luggage. I travel a LOT. I was traveling even more before 911. It’s a matter of knowing the rules. If you think our TSA rules are bad…try flying in Europe or the middle east.

Yeah I think Amsterdam is in Europe and Israel and Turkey are in the Middle East. I may be mistaken though since I have trouble reading and following rules.

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