Dragging brakes

My 1987 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 had a binding front right brake that about caught on fire. Because I had driven it quite rarely during recent months I assumed the disc caliper had corroded and was sticking. I, therefore, replaced both front calipers with new ones. The problem however persists. The right brake binds resulting in a major drag and overheating to the point of smoking. Only by releasing fluid at the bleeder valve can I proceed. I don’t know where the problem lies…Help!

Flexible rubber brake lines in the front? Replace them.

I agree with cigroller. These should have been replaced just because of the brake fire. I’ve dealt with a couple of these, and always strongly advised those flex lines be replaced because the brake fire probably compromised them. In fact, the internal collapse of the flex line is most likely the reason for the binding that lead to the fire to begin with.

I agree. Replace the flexible rubber brake lines to the calipers.


I installed new flex lines at the same time as replacing the calipers.

Have you checked to see if the left rear is hot/dragging at the same time? If it is, you have a bad master cylinder.

Get the brakes to bind up again. Start at the master cylinder, and start disconnecting brake lines that feed that caliper until you find the connection that releases the pressure. The device just upstream from this connection is your problem. It could be the ABS module, if you have one, the proportioning valve, or the master cylinder itself.

If you can release the brake by opening the brake bleeder, it means hydrualic pressure is still being applied to the brake.

Follow that brake line up to the proportionating/combo valve when the brake locked, and crack open the fitting. If doing this releases the hydraulic pressure replace the valve.


Thanks for these suggestions. I shall go up the brake line releasing pressure at each fitting till I find the obstruction/stuck valve…