Downshifting manual trannies

Is it better to downshift from 5th to 4th to 3rd to 2nd to save brakes, or does this waste gas? Which would cost more in the long run, getting new brakes sooner or extra gas used, IF any, by downshifting?

You have to also consider the wear you’re putting on the transmission. Transmissions are way more expensive than brakes. And the amount the brake life decreases by using your brakes is minimal. It makes much more sense to use your brakes.

That said, engine braking has it’s uses, primarily when going down long hills. Riding your brakes down a long hill can cause them to overheat and be useless. But that’s generally the only time engine braking makes sense.

Downshifting on occasions when you wish to slow has virtually no effect on your fuel usage. Although it can be fun to use engine braking when approaching a stop, the recommended course of action in a modern car is simply to coast in your current gear and apply the brakes. Downshift only when you see your next move will be to accelerate. This is not a good example of choices of money-saving techniques.

A big rig driver once told me if you want to keep your speed under control use the same gear comming down as you did going up Sounded good,what do you guys think. He is still alive and doesnt have a reputation as being hard on his truck