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Double chirp on acceration from 0-25 while entering a turn

Hi, I have '99 volvo v70 xc (low output turbo) with 130,000 miles on it. Whenever i go into a turn below 25 or so mph i hear a “chirp chirp” only twice and only with the windows rolled down. the chirps occur quickly. I also hear a single chirp when the car lurches a bit when shifting from drive to reverse but only sometimes. Also the single or double chirp sometimes over speed bumps. I was thinking it could be the sway bar bushings? This sound does not occur at a stop or going straight at speed.

Have you checked brake pad wear lately?

@insightful Yup break pads were all replaced in the last month along with rotors. The chirp existed before i replaced them.

Does it chirp if you turn the wheel while stopped?
Low speed tight turns are high load conditions for the power steering pump, and I’m thinkin’ that you could have a weak serpentine belt tensioner or a failing power steering pump bearing (causing the belt to slip a bit).

@the_same_mountainbik I took it in and the dealership said that the power steering was leaky, however the chirp does not occur at a stop leading me to think it’s something in the suspension or elsewhere I have no idea what

Does it chirp while TURNING at a stop?

If your PS pump is leaking, it’s probably leaking through the front seal where the bearing is also located. It’s even very possible that the fluid is getting on the serpentine belt.

If it’s your power steering rack that’s leaking, the deal in the rack itself may be the source of the chirping.

What exactly did he say was leaking? Do you plan to replace it?

Have you tried standing outside the car while someone else shifts from drive to reverse? Maybe you can figure out better where the chirp comes from. It could be suspension as you suspect, or the exhaust system and its shields shifting a bit under these conditions. It could be steering, but so far I’m not jumping onto that. It could be something like motor mounts getting old and looser. When you do the standing outside test try it with the hood open and closed to see if there’s a difference in the sound.

No it doesnt churp when turning at a stop. I dont plan to replace it… the term he used was “seeping” so its not a big concern until it starts getting stiff or groans.

No i havent tried that yet, i will give that a shot. Your advice about keeping the hood open is a good idea to narrow down the location. Ill post an update when i investigate this

What exactly is seeping, the pump or the rack?

@wentwest found that the chirp resides somewhere in the motor mount like you thought…I shifted in and out of reverse and drive and it chirped noticeably with the hood open.

according to the dealer its the pump, however I don’t see any sign of that in the powersteering fluid level or the pump itself.