Dog barrier for a Prius

all the metal dog barriers I’ve seen have been for SUVs and don’t fit my Prius. Any suggestions would be greatly appleciated. Thanks!

Uh, where are you trying to barrier off? Just the back seat? I would suggest you go look at your car and try to imagine where such a barrier would go-- I think that either you’ll get problems with it interfering with the front seat, or it won’t leave much room back there for your pooch.

The only thing like what you’re looking for I can think of is the cage in the back of Crown Vic police cars/taxis, but they’ve got a lot more room to work with than the Prius!

Have you considered a pet safety harness for your car? It’s an over-the-shoulder harness that could be used for belting the dog in and walking the dog. Here’s an example:

At $35 or so, they are less than a barrier and safer, too. Do a web search for “safety belt dog” and see what you find.

I’m looking for something that would go behind the second seat so my dogs could be in the trunk area.

here are a few:

do a web search for “car pet barriers” and see what else you come up with.

Agreed. The safest most humane thing to do is properly secure your dog with a harness.

You get a seat belt, why shouldn’t your dog?